In Orlando, we were staying in a timeshare apartment hotel which we had booked through Air BNB. We were pleasantly surprised with the apartment which was huge and had its own jacuzzi bath (which I would end up overflowing, because lots of hidden jets + lots of bubble bath = flood disaster). Also, because the apartment was located within a hotel resort, we benefitted from the housekeeping service, onsite bars and use of the pool which had a massive pirate ship in it with a slide for the kids. 

Our trip to Orlando was mostly centred around a trip to Disneyworld, which was located only about 15 minutes away. However, we decided we’d have a first day of relaxing – I chose to stay and sunbathe around the pool and Mum and Dad went to the Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral. This space centre is responsible for landing the reusable Space Shuttle orbiters. It also operates unmanned rocket launch facilities for the U.S. government’s civilian space program at the adjoining Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Mum and Dad had a great time there, particularly at the Space Shuttle Atlantis Showcase – this shows NASA’s 30-yr old priceless, historic spacecraft that only astronauts have seen before. Mum said it was awe-inspiring to think that people can somehow imagine what doesn’t yet exist. Meanwhile, I was sunning myself by the pool…



The next day, we prepared our mental armour and headed out to Disneyworld (stopping for a Krispy Kremes breakfast on the way, of course). Even just to get from the car park, you have to catch a train and then a ferry before entering into the hallowed land. But the moment you step into the Magical Kingdom, and hear the tinkling tunes of old Disney soundtracks, you can’t help but feel like a happy 5 year old again who’s just been sprinkled with Tinkerbell’s fairy dust.


Having only been to Disneyland in Paris, we weren’t used to queuing up for so long in such insane heat. Therefore, all the queues for the rides felt twice as long as they already were, although we made sure to go on our favourites early on – Space Mountain and Its’s A Small World. We still had a fantastic day, despite the sweat and achey feet, and managed to avoid a huge downpour which lasted for about 2 hours by sitting in a cafe. Any day at Disneyland is better summed up by pictures so I’m speaking a thousand words with the photos below…



The last night of our trip, we went to an amazing restaurant where we ended up drawing one a other’s portraits – you can check out the relative success of each one below! Dad’s hurtful interpretation of me literally looks like something straight out of Beavis and Butthead, while my drawing of William is spot on (but my drawing of Dad makes him look like Prince Charles.)

(I also had my hair highlighted on the last day of my trip – here’s me showing it off below!)



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