We arrived into Louisiana’s capital city, Baton Rouge, in the late afternoon. Here, French influences meet the sweet South: cypress trees drape around porches and the Mississippi River sets the tone for this colourful, Cajun college town. As the city is located on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River, we had booked into the Hotel Indigo – a lovely boutique hotel on the corner of Convention and Lafayette streets, right in the heart of historic downtown.

The old rail-line running alongside the Mississippi River

We sat in the bar for a while that evening before heading out. We went out for a walk along the river before heading into town for dinner – little did we know we were about to witness the most beautiful sunset ever. We sat on the steps along the banks, just a short way from the bridge which was now lit up against the evening sky, and watched the sun sink in the sky until it disappeared behind the river. The sky turned from a cool blue into spectacular shades of red, pink and orange before our eyes, and it was honestly one of the most glorious sunsets I’ve ever seen. We sat outside for well over an hour, before deciding to find some food.

We ended up just around the corner from the Indigo Hotel, at a cool little restaurant called Lucy’s Retired Surf Bar. The restaurant claims to “bring the spirit of the ocean to the concrete of the city”.  Famed for its iced margaritas, we all sipped on our Happy Hour cocktails and I ordered a salad – feeling very impressed with my new-found green food bravery! The restaurant had a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere and there were lots of young people at the bar, so I’m guessing it’s a popular choice in town.

 The next morning, we had a quick stroll back down to the Mississippi River to stretch our legs (where we saw a man doing very strange, dancing exercises on the steps), before jumping into the Dodge. We were moving onwards – to the much anticipated New Orleans!


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