Tucumcari, New Mexico

On the way to Tucumcari, we stopped off in Montezuma, at the Armand Hammand United World College, as we had seen something advertised about a Prism Mediatation Room within the grounds. We found it located at the top of a hill, overlooking the dry vegetation below. The windows in the building have been created so that the angled shards of glass reflect hundreds of rainbows out onto the white walls inside. We sat and tried to catch the rainbows on our skin, as this would supposedly give us energy. Once back outside, we watched some hummingbirds darting in and out of a birdhouse. On the wall, there was a sign advising visitors to beware of the bears which roam around.

Montezuma is a town famous for its hot springs, so we walked down to the stream at the bottom of the rocks, where there were hot springs. However, the water was literally so boiling hot that we couldn’t have a dip, but instead we went and paddled in the cold river. We were put to shame though, as a hippie-looking family who clearly visited the river often, ran straight for the freezing water and bombed in, while the mother relaxed in the bubbling, boiling hot spring.

The Blue Swallow Motel, where we were staying that night in Tucumcari, is a instantly recognisable landmark along Route 66. Still decked out with a flashing neon sign and brightly coloured garages with murals painted inside, the decor hasn’t really changed since it opened in 1939. We met the owner in reception, who had his cute Labrador dog there, Obey, who sat and watched all the trucks and motorbikes go by on the road.

There isn’t really much to around the motel as it is located directed on the road, but we picked a shuttle bus up at 7pm to take us to the local diner, Pow Wow. We sat and has a drink in the bar first (I rekindled my love for Malibu and Diet Coke whilst in America), where there was an intense conversation taking place between two men at the bar about how you should sacrifice your wife to do certain ‘jobs’ so that you won’t get sent to jail. We had a cheap and cheerful dinner and then sat back in the bar for a little while, before the diner owner dropped us back in his truck.



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