hello world!

Friday 10th April marks my last day at YOU Agency and I could not be more excited. When I say excited, I am referring to that great feeling you sometimes experience of ‘oh God, I’m unemployed’, along with the pressure of completing the 104 tasks still left on your to-do list and, of course, the all-important leaving speech. How to reach that crucial balance of poignant yet funny, so that my colleagues are left wiping a tear through a wistful smile?  

Regardless of my impending final day, I am incredibly happy to be leaving work at this point and feel so excited that I, at last, personally feel ready to travel around this wonderful planet Earth. Up until last week (way after I’d handed in my resignation), I only had vague ideas of what I wanted to do and refused to make any solid decisions. However, I’m now delighted to say that firm plans are set in place and that, most terrifyingly, I won’t be back in the UK until I’m…25 (sure, no biggie). 

With plans to travel along the Trans-Siberian Railway from China to Russia, and then onto countries including America, Peru, Ecuador, Thailand, Borneo, Cambodia, Fiji, Bali, New Zealand and Australia, I very much like the idea of keeping a record of my journey. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of photographs taken, but hopefully I’ll also have the opportunity to jot down a few words with each new experience which is why I’ve chosen to begin writing this (although I’ll admit that future posts are likely to be fairly sporadic, despite my strong intent).

So, it’s goodbye to PR and goodbye to London and I feel very thankful that the last 18 months of my life have been so much fun. But I’ve never been more ready to make a serious change…let’s see what the world has in store!


13 thoughts on “hello world!

    1. Thanks! I’m still learning how to make the best use of my page but will certainly be updating it as regularly as possible so do keep an eye out! I really look forward to reading your future posts! Rebecca x


    1. Thanks so much for your message and I intend to record my travels as best as I can! Still learning how to make the best use of my blog so pls do hang in in there with me 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your next post! Rebecca x


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